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Simple yet sophisticated, Retail is a versatile software solution that cuts down Reports generation time and increases quality & accuracy of the information.

Margin on Item(s) / Customer(s), Sales Invoice, Party Ledger, Batch-wise Stock Position Report, Sales Analysis Report, Customer / Supplier Enquiry, Debit Note, Credit Note etc. can be generated AT THE PRESS OF A KEY.

Retail has special features like Enquiry, Zooming and Analysis with full security features. These reports can either be viewed on Screen or printed or exported.

Retail can generate instant up-to-date Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statements, Ledgers and information on Batch-wise Stock Position, Area-wise or Collection-boy-wise Outstanding Statements and many more. All these will lead to full utilisation of Manpower and enhances business.

Invoice Generation
Necessary care has been taken in Invoice Generation option which includes Rear Movement Facility, Batch-wise Stock Position Status, Entire Document View on Screen at any given point of time, Modification of items till the Total Invoice is saved, definable parameters etc. Apart from the ready-to use Plain Paper format, “Retail also helps in designing their own Invoice formats through Document Designer”
Stock & Inventory Control Statements
Retail can generate all stock related reports and analysis reports based on Purchases and Sales. Reports like Stock Position, Stock & Sale Statement, Non-moving Stock, Excess Stock Holding Report, To be expired Stock Reports and Sales Analysis helps immensely in keeping total control over inventory.
Receivables & Payables Monitoring
Retail helps in monitoring Receivables & Payables when Sales, Purchases, Receipts and Payments have been entered. Reports like Town-wise, Area-wise, Salesman-wise, Group-wise, Sub-Group-wise outstanding, Ageing Analysis can be generated to gain more control on Receivables and Payables.
True On-Line Financial Accounting
The moment the daybook is saved, any kind of reports like Daybook, General Ledger, Trial Balance, P & L Account, Balance Sheet and many more can be generated.
After entering or get entered Purchase bills & sales bills from the user you can later verify all the transaction by an administrator as they should be correct before posting in to accounts, the bills including Purchase Rate Calculation, Sale Rate Calculation along with Taxes, Discounts etc., can be verified.
It is never possible for a user to remind the exact status of any party while billing. We have a solution for this problem, the software can help in this area by fixing all the details in masters like possible discounts, party locking, Octroi on bills, Commission for Purchase Rate billing parties etc.
Enquiry Statements
Even while you are talking to your Customer / Supplier over phone, just with a single click, from a single screen you can browse entire information about him directly like Sales, Receipts, Monthly Balances, Graph, Customer’s Item-wise Sales and so on.

Margin Statements

Retail is provided with powerful Margin Statements. It even calculates the interest loss for stock holding period and provides comprehensive view on net margins. Net Margins can be arrived for Any Item / Any Item Group or company / Any Customer / Any Supplier / Any Area etc. This is useful to have focus on Net Profits and reduce non-moving
Inventory Reports
• Stock & Sales Statement (with Requirement)
• Stock Ledger
• Rack Stock
• Batch-wise Closing Stock
• To be Expired Stock Reports
• Non-moving Stock Statement
• Excess Stock Holding Statement
• Price Lists
• Fast Moving Stock Statement
Sales Reports

• 3 Months Sales
• Company-wise Sales
• Area-wise Sales
• Rate-wise Analysis
• Sales Register
• Purchase Register
• Sales Return & Purchase Return Register
• Price Range Sales Analysis
• Collection History - Party-wise
• Supplier wise payments History
• Orders Analysis
• Marketing Reports - Monthly - Party-wise, Area- Rupee-wise, Product primary sales, Progressive primary sales, Party-wise primary sales, Daily collection Register, Salesman Expenses Analysis
• Sales Analysis - Salesman-wise, Customer-wise, Group-wise, Item-wise.
• Quick Sales Analysis

Statutory Reports / Sales Tax Reports
• VAT Reports (Local Sales)
• VAT Reports (Outside Sales)
• Excise Reports
• VAT Analysis Reports
Financial Reports
• 4 Column Day Book
• Cash Book
• Bank Book
• Journal Book
• General Ledger
• Debtors List (more than Rs. xxxx)
• Creditors List (more than Rs. xxxx)
• Trial Balance
• Trading Account
• Profit & Loss Statement (From Date To Date)
• Balance Sheet (Horizontal / Vertical)
Margin Statements
• Item wise Margin
• Item Group wise Margin
• Customer wise Margin
• Customer Group wise Margin
• Supplier wise Margin
• Area wise Margin
• Salesman Vs Parties
• Salesman Vs Items
• Salesman Vs Groups
Special Reports
• Receipts & Payments
• Interest Calculation
• Day-to-Day Totals
• Opening Trial Balance
• Monthly Trial Balance
• Receipts more than Rs. xx,xxx
• Payments more than Rs. xx,xxx
• Accounts summary
• Group Balance Report
• Account Balance (Alphabetical/Code/Group/Entry Order etc.)
• Area / Zone wise Outstanding
• Ageing Analysis Report
• Daily Sales Abstract
• Salesman Analysis
• Orders Analysis
• Weekly Memos Statement
• T.C Register & Outstanding
• Graphical Monthly Report (for selected account like Sales / Purchase etc.)
• Graphical Reports for budgets / targets
• Bank Reconciliation Statement
• Account Reconciliation Statement
Smart Search
• Customer Enquiry
• Supplier Enquiry
• Area wise Enquiry
• Salesman Enquiry
• Item Enquiry
and many more...
Access to Retail can be restricted by passwords. You can define feature level control for any user. Sensitive information can be viewed, printed or changed only by using an Admin Password.

Retail comes with powerful zooming facility in almost all inventory and financial reports. While viewing Stock & Sale Statement, one can zoom for Company-wise items, Item-wise summary and Vouchers with just couple of clicks.
Multi Platform & Multi User Environment (Lan)
Retail is available in Networks, which means several persons can simultaneously enter transactions while chosen few keep track of reports. Retail LAN Version supports Windows NT or any Windows Network. Retail Single User supports Win 95/98/Me/XP/2000
Latest Technology
Retail has been built with latest technology using 32 bit architecture to support multi-tasking, multi-threading on all Windows platforms. Export options in reports provides flexibility for users to design reports.
Backed by Fisscal Expertise
Retail comes from Fisscal Software, a pioneer in developing and marketing premium quality software and is backed by Fisscal Software comprehensive support and hands-on-training
System Requirements

Multi user(Server Based)(Server Configuration): Sql Server, IIS, Windows NT/2000/2003
Single User: Win 9x/2000 Pro/XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8

Hardware: CDROM Drive, SVGA Color Monitors
Single User: 64MB RAM (128MB Recommended)
Multi User: 512MB RAM(Server) 64MB RAM(Client)

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