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is designed to help Schools, Colleges, Universities, & Coaching institutes & their management in all areas of operation such as Students personal information, Students Receipts, tests, attendance, performance etc., according to their needs. It seeks to meet every requirement for management of institute. These are the modules and all the modules include reporting up to extent. The basic structure of modules are below

Institute management software
Fisscal School Management Software, College Management Software
  • Fully Windows based software
  • Draft as well as Laser jet based printing
  • Complete Security and auto exports to other software
  • Multi user support
  • Multi Location Support
  • Server based management possible
  • Personal & Academic Records
  • Registering Follow up enquiries, Pending enquiries
  • Enquiry Forms and database management
  • Admission tests management, and ranks records
  • Generate student registration for institute and roll no for classes for new students
  • Admissions Class Wise, Batch Wise, Timing Wise, and Transfers
  • Students History management
  • Student Address list & enquiry reporting
  • Exam Results & Promotions
  • Attendance of Students
  • Class attendance reporting
  • Teacher wise student presence
  • Test presence of students
Financial Reports
  • Fund of Institute
  • Salary Management
  • 4 Column Day Book
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • Journal Book
  • General Ledger
  • Debtors List (more than Rs. xxxx)
  • Creditors List (more than Rs. xxxx)
  • Trial Balance
  • Trading Account
  • Profit & Loss Statement (From Date To Date)
  • Balance Sheet (Horizontal / Vertical)
  • Bank statements, Money-In and Money-Out
  • Add, Resort and Correct enteries in the Bank reconsilation statements to match bank statements
  • Check In-Out details
  • Capturing tests data and the class performance report.
  • Students Weekly Reports
  • Easy to analyze the level of student by analyzing the complete class test report
  • Data capture at all stages from Day one to day of course completion
  • Maintaining students performance History
  • Course Wise Management
  • Class test reporting percentage wise
  • Class test history and summaries
  • Subject wise individual test, class test reporting
  • Teacher wise individual test, class test, subject test reporting
  • Complete students track record for the complete course
  • Complete Reporting
  • Personal Records
  • Class Timings
  • Class performance reports
  • Teachers performance charts
  • Students registration to various Classes & batch
  • Their attendance, receipt & test reports are for class & batch
  • Classes performance for teachers also.
  • Subject wise performance report for batch.
Library Module
  • Books Record
  • Issue and Receipt Records
  • Late & Fine Records
Assets Management
  • Lab Instruments
  • Furniture of Institute
  • Stationary
  • Student Receipts
  • Fees paid by students
  • Defaulter List
  • Security Balance
  • Students Funds Paid
  • Due reports for students, classes
  • Receipt posting to accounts automatically
  • Teachers Share or Incentives
  • Payment Slabs
  • Security & Facility Payments
  • Receipt Slip Printing
  • Total calculation reports
  • Library Books, furniture, Laboratory Instruments and any other institutes inventory management
  • Classroom wise inventory management
  • Inward and outward details
  • Wastage & Usage summary
  • Complete store accounting
Time Table
  • Time Table generation based on subject & periods
  • Teacher Schedules
  • Subject Mapping with classes
  • Facility and concession billing
  • Monthly, Quarter or half yearly payment option
  • Automatic receipt accounts management
  • Fees, facility, concession, fine wise accounts management
  • Automatic checking of tests through OMR, or manual question entry system
  • Verification of results from MCQ test answer masters to test answers.
and many more...
Access to FA can be restricted by passwords. You can define feature level control for any user. Sensitive information can be viewed, printed or changed only by using an Admin Password.

FA comes with powerful zooming FAcility in almost all inventory and financial reports. While viewing Stock & Sale Statement, one can zoom for Company-wise items, Item-wise summary and Vouchers with just couple of clicks.
Multi Platform & Multi User Environment (Lan)
FA is available in Networks, which means several persons can simultaneously enter transactions while chosen few keep track of reports. FA LAN Version supports Windows NT or any Windows Network. FA Single User supports Win 95/98/Me/XP/2000
Latest Technology
FA has been built with latest technology using 32 bit architecture to support multi-tasking, multi-threading on all Windows platforms. Export options in reports provides flexibility for users to design reports.
Backed by Fisscal Expertise
FA comes from Fisscal Software, a pioneer in developing and marketing premium quality software and is backed by Fisscal Software comprehensive support and hands-on-training
System Requirements

Multi user: Sql Server, IIS, Windows NT/2000/2003/2008
Single User: Win 9x/2000 Pro/XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8

Hardware: CDROM Drive, SVGA Color Monitors
Single User: 64MB RAM (128MB Recommended)
Multi User: 512MB RAM(Server) 64MB RAM(Client)



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